Update: After our public launch

Wow – its been five weeks since we went public with the launch of PaganAid and the response has been fantastic. There was a real buzz across the many pagan Facebook groups and Damh the Bard interviewed me for the OBOD podcast. Hundreds of people have ‘liked’ our posts and signed up to our mailing list, and most gratifyingly, many of them have given us a donation to support the projects we want to fund. To cap it all, on Saturday, the Devon & Cornwall branch of the Pagan Federation gave us a donation of £500. Many thanks to you all.

Behind the scenes there has been quite a lot of work going on, which partly explains why we haven’t been as vocal as we wanted. We had to iron out a few bugs in the software we are using, one in particular that was causing some problems to people trying to donate in Euros and US$. This has now been sorted and it all appears to be working well, so if you tried to make a donation and failed, please try again.

Looking ahead to the next few weeks, we want to publicise PaganAid even wider in the pagan community and convert more ‘likes’ into donations. We also need to recruit some more volunteers to help with promotion and some of the administrative tasks – more on this soon.

Thanks again to everybody for your support and enthusiasm – pagans really want to make a difference to the world we all share.