Annual Report for 2015-2016

In March, as required by UK law, we submitted to the Charity Commission our Annual Report covering the period from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016. That period saw us set up the website and payment platform as well as our Facebook page, leading to us launching PaganAid to the Pagan community in August 2015. We received £1,905.11 in donations during the year thanks to the generosity of our many supporters. Our costs were £337, mainly for the setting up of the website and payment processors. That gave us net assets of £853.11. We didn’t make any donations during that financial year – our first donation wasn’t until August 2016. You can download the report here: PaganAid Annual Report 2015-16

Stuart Jeffery, our Treasurer, gave an update to our last Board meeting, telling us that in the six months from July to December 2016, we raised a further £1,182.11 with expenses of just £20. After our grant of £1,000 to Tree Aid, we had net assets of £1,015.72.

Expect a new financial update soon, with our Annual Report for 2016-17 to be completed later this year.

Thank you for your support.