Patrick McCullom appeal raised £500

Our first attempt at crowd funding has successfully raised £500 for the Patrick McCullom Foundation and his work in India.

Patrick has been focusing on bring the wisdom of the elders of indigenous tribes from around the world to India to prevent the rapid environmental destruction that is happening alongside their economic growth.

From his website:

The McCollum Foundation For Peace is pleased to share our newest project toward creating a better world. In February 2019, we will be taking an international group of Indigenous Elders to the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad India, to be seen and heard by over one hundred million attendees. This is part of our long-time commitment to helping raise up the voices of Indigenous Peoples and to empower them to be seen, heard, and appreciated!

The elders will be honored guests at the center of the largest gathering of human beings in all of history, with a projected expectation of as many as 125 million people coming. There will be a sacred Kiva built at the center of the Kumbh Mela to honor the presence of the Elders at the heart of the event, and they will meet world dignitaries, and address huge audiences.

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