How will the funds you raise be used?

We will fund projects that help people living in poverty to improve their lives and the environment through living in greater harmony with the natural world. This might involve providing technical or legal support, as well as training and investing in community enterprises. We don’t give hand-outs, but give people a leg up to a better life. Our funds can be a catalyst for change, but it is the communities themselves who will do most of the work.

How do you know that the money will be used as you intend?

We will work in partnership with other trusted and experienced organisations who have direct contact with the community projects and who will coordinate and monitor the spending. In this way, we don’t duplicate what already exists and can ensure that our administrative costs and carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Why should I give to PaganAid? Why not support your partners directly?

Our partners and many other development charities do excellent work, supporting a wide range of programmes to help relieve poverty. By giving to PaganAid, you can be assured that your donation will be used just for those projects that reflect your pagan values – love for Mother Earth and compassion for those suffering in poverty.

How much of the funds goes on PaganAid’s administration and staff?

We have no staff and are run by committed volunteers who receive no pay for their work. Our admin costs are very low, mainly for website hosting (on servers powered by renewable energy running open source software with no licence fees) and for independent accountants who produce our accounts so you know how your money has been used.

How can we trust you to use the funds appropriately?

We are regulated by the Charity Commission of England & Wales, which receives our annual reports and accounts. We are committed to transparency and have independent accountants to produce our accounts which will be made freely available on our website. PaganAid is governed by our Board of Trustees which is made up of respected members of the pagan community.

Do communities benefiting from the projects have to be pagans?

No, we will support communities of any or no faith, providing that they want to live in greater harmony with the natural world. And we will not seek to promote pagan religious beliefs through our projects. We will never discriminate on the grounds of religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or (dis)ability.

Will you support pagans living in Europe and North America to set up eco-communities or eco-enterprises?

No, our focus is on promoting sustainable development in poor countries. However, it is possible that we would support impoverished First Nation communities to defend their lands and sustainable lifestyles from governments and businesses who seek to exploit and destroy their natural resources.