Transition Town Campaign

For our latest fundraising campaign PaganAid is proud to be supporting Transition Network, which “supports the Transition movement, amplifies stories of community-led change, and nurtures collaborations across difference to challenge us all to reimagine and rebuild our world”.  Transition is a grass roots based movement which aims to help people and the planet through community action. The concept is think global, act local.

There is no set path for Transition Towns to follow.  The ideas come from the community, rather than being dictated from above. What they are have in common is people coming together for the good of society and the planet.

Despite being a non-religious movement, the transitions concept shares a lot of key values with both PaganAid, and paganism in general, and that is why we have chosen this as our latest fundraising campaign.

In this YouTube video Nimue Brown explains the idea behind Transition Towns, and why it is particularly relevant to paganism:

For more information on Transition Towns, visit the Transition Network website.