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One of the roles of the Board is to develop and agree policies for the effective running of the charity. As a young organisation, we do not have policies to cover every aspect of our operation but over time we expect these to be developed and agreed. Copes of the polices agreed so far can be downloaded below:

Volunteer Policy

This policy has been created to emphasise our desire to encourage our supporters to be actively involved in running the charity and raising funds. It allows us to ensure that all volunteers will be treated in a fair and consistent way and will help our volunteers understand what support is available to them and what they can expect from us. Download by clicking Volunteer Policy.

Public Liability Insurance

To ensure that volunteers and the public are protected, the Board has purchased the Small Charity Connect Insurance Policy from Ansvar Insurance. This includes the following cover:

  • Public & Product Liability - £1,000,000
  • Employers Liability (for volunteers) - £10,000,000
  • Trustees & Directors Indemnity - £100,000

The insurance only applies to the UK, and so for the time being we can only recruit volunteers based in the UK.

There are a number of exclusions and special conditions that apply to the insurance cover. Before organising any event or undertaking a fundraising activity, you are advised to read the insurance policy (click to download the schedule TFTTB of Pagan Aid - Policy Schedule 2017 and policy wording Small Charity Policy wording) and/or consult with your Regional Coordinator or supervising board member.

Although volunteers are not employees, they are covered by the Employers Liability component of the Insurance. A copy of our Certificate of Employers Liability Insurance is displayed below.

Communications Policy

This policy aims to guide and support the officers and volunteers of PaganAid to communicate effectively with internal and external audiences so that PaganAid's values and beliefs are expressed both in what we say and the way we say it; our audiences have a clear understanding of what PaganAid is, what we do and how we do it; and we increase support for sustainable development in general and PaganAid in particular. Download by clicking Communications Policy.


This is our legal founding document and can be downloaded by clicking PaganAid Constitution as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation