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Our beautiful, sacred Mother Earth is under attack. Her forests are being cleared. Her minerals are being plundered. Her rivers and seas are being poisoned. Her sky is being choked and her climate changing. Her creatures are being driven to extinction.

Precious planetMeanwhile millions of people live in extreme poverty. Some of them are poor as a result of the exploitation and industrialisation of the environment. Some of them have no choice but to deplete their local environment because of their poverty.

PaganAid wants to break this cycle of destitution and destruction by helping people to meet their basic needs through living in harmony with nature. We will do this by funding small-scale projects that help poor and marginalised communities to protect and develop their own livelihoods and the environment about them – projects that put equal value on ending poverty and protecting Mother Earth.

We need your help. Please give whatever you can afford. Even the smallest donation will be used to make a difference (but obviously, the more you give, the more we can do). Best of all, please make a regular monthly donation - this will help us to plan what projects we can support.

Earth WomanExamples of the types of project that we will fund are:

  • Training and supporting small-scale farmers living in semi-arid areas of Africa to adopt traditional low-input agriculture techniques (similar to permaculture) that enhance the local environment, increase crop yields and help build their resilience to the continuing effects of climate change.
  • Supporting tribal peoples living in the rainforests of South Asia and South America to fight against the destruction of their forests by logging and mining companies.

Details of the first project we are raising funds for are given here.

The beneficiaries of projects we fund can be of any faith or none, so long as they want to live in harmony with nature.


Thanks to Jaine Rose for the use of the images on this page