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Inspired by Nature by Eleni PalanzasPaganAid is run entirely by volunteers who generously share their time and expertise to make this world a better place for all. Now that we have navigated the tricky business of setting up as a registered charity and launching ourselves in the pagan community, we want to bring more people on board to help us grow and develop. In particular, we are seeking people to fill the following roles, all of whom will be appointed as trustees of the charity and members of its Board:

Secretary – to take responsibility for our governance, ensuring that we adhere to our articles of association and fulfil our legal obligations to the Charity Commission and other regulators. This includes arranging and minuting regular Board meetings (usually by video conference) and drafting our annual report. Ideally, you will have some legal background but this is not essential – although attention to detail is.

Digital Communications Coordinator – to be responsible for coordinating our communications to supporters and the wider pagan community: building and maintaining support for PaganAid and its work. This will involve planning and drafting mailings to supporters; ensuring a steady stream of relevant posts on our FB page and other relevant FB pages and groups; and reviewing and overseeing the content of our website. This may require you to manage the work of a small team of volunteers. You should have good written communications, familiarity with social media, a sensitivity to the needs and challenges involved in communicating to a diverse pagan audience, and be able to get on well with others and motivate them.

We value diversity and welcome applications from anyone in any part of the world as long as you are committed to the aims and values of PaganAid and are able to take part in regular board video-conferences. To apply, please email Ian ( saying which role you are interested in and what skills and experiences you have to offer in that role. You can also email Ian with any questions you have or to arrange an informal phone/Skype chat.


Thanks to Eleni Palanzas for the use of the heart image in this page.