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Pagan Aid Needs You!

We want to expand our team of superheroes dedicated to fighting poverty and protecting the environment. We are a people-powered charity, run exclusively by volunteers, but this work can only continue with support from individuals like you.

We are looking for volunteers to fill two key roles: Local Representatives and Social Media Mavens. They won’t take up much of your time – the roles are designed to fit in with your existing lifestyle – and they will give you valuable experience as well as a warm glow knowing that you have done your bit to make our world a better place now and in the future.

Local Representatives

Are you involved in your local Pagan community? Do you go to a local Moot, Grove, Coven or Hearth? Do you want to recruit new supporters and raise funds for the world’s only Pagan development charity? You could be a Local Representative, promoting PaganAid in your local Pagan community and encouraging supporters to do fundraising. To find out more, please look at the role description (Volunteer Role Description - Local Rep) and email Alan Jones, our Volunteer Coordinator.

Social Media Mavens

Are you a whizz on social media? Do you want to raise the on-line profile of PaganAid and the importance of sustainable development? We need a small team of Mavens to create and share regular posts and memes, driving potential supporters to our Facebook page and website. To find out more, please look at the role description (Volunteer Role Description - SM Maven) and email Debi Gregory, our Social Media Coordinator.

We also have vacancies for two Trustee positions on our Board:

Supporter Relations Coordinator

Can you encourage supporters to maintain and extend their support for PaganAid? This will include writing regular newsletters and sending them out through our supporter database (CiviCRM), as well as contacting supporters when their direct debits are up for renewal. See Volunteer Role Description - Supporter Relations Coordinator.

Board Secretary

Are you organised, able to schedule and minute Board meetings and ensure that we fulfil our legal obligations as a charity registered in England & Wales? See Volunteer Role Description - Board Secretary.

For more information about these two trustee positions, please contact Stuart Jeffery, our Chair.

Please note that we have a policy of not paying expenses except in exceptional circumstances. For more details, please read our Volunteer Policy on our website [here].

Please also note that because of the restrictions of our insurance, we are currently only able to recruit volunteers based in the UK. If you want to volunteer but are outside of the UK, get in touch anyway and we will investigate the feasibility of extending our insurance.

Thanks to Eleni Palanzas for the use of the heart image in this page.